Kirstin Lobato was wrongfully convicted in October, 2006, of voluntary manslaughter and sexual penetration of a corpse. There is absolutely no evidence implicating her to the crime and she has a rock solid alibi. The authorities failed to properly investigate this crime leading to a wrongful conviction. Kirstin Lobato is innocent.

The Justice4Kirstin Campaign has done an excellent job of presenting the facts of this case on Kirstin's official website The website contains important court documents, including trial transcripts, and petitions filed by the defense.

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Friends of the Justice4Kirstin Campaign  have created a petition you can sign to show your support for Kirstin. Please sign the petition today.

Kirstin Blaise Lobato's Petition Has Over 211,000 Signatures!
Please use the link below to view and share this infographic picture about Kirstin's case.
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"Kirstin Blaise Lobato's Unreasonable Conviction -- Second Edition" is now available in PDF format at no charge on the Justice Denied website at:
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Retired DC Attorney Philip J Mause Asks Clark County District Attorney Steven Wolfson About the Case on a Local Radio Program
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