Glen Sebastian Burns and Atif Rafay

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On July 12, 1994, Dr. Tariq Rafay, his wife Sultana and their daughter Basma were murdered in their home in Bellevue, Washington. Atif Rafay and Sebastian Burns currently stand wrongfully convicted of the murder of Rafay's parents and disabled sister.

Sebastian Burns and Atif Rafay were 18 years old when they came home and were horrified to discover that Atif's family had been murdered. Sabastian and Atif are Canadian citizens, and were visiting Rafey’s family in Bellevue, Washington at the time of the murders.

Sabastian and Atif were both throughly examined and interviewed for several days by the Bellevue athorities before returning home to Canada. Sabastian and Atif remained the only suspects on their radar. After nine months of investigation, the police were making little progress in solving the triple murder. At this time they decided to reach out to Canadian athorities in order to find out more information about Sabastian and Atif. With nothing to work with, it was not surprising that the athorities began back at the beginning with the first people to arrive at the scene, but it was a clear sign that the athorities had tunnel vision, completely ignoring other possible suspects.

The events that would take place over the next nine years would be plagued by controversy and repeatedly delayed by extradition issues between The United States and Canada. When it was all said and done, two innocent people were coerced into giving false confressions and convicted on three counts of first-degree murder.

The information below was provided by the Rafay Burns Appeal Committee.
Atif and Sebastian are currently in the process of appealing their conviction in the Seattle Court of Appeals, Division 1. At this stage, the appeal can only address problems with the original trial. Click on the links below to read the documents submitted  to the Appeal Court by Atif and Sebastian.

Atif's Brief, explaining the problems with the original trial

Atif's supplemental brief

Sebastian's Brief, explaining problems with the original trial

The Amicus Brief - a submission to the Appeal Court from individuals and organizations that support the appeal.

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